Troy People Concerned is a service organization supporting Troy residents in times of need with assistance, information and referrals.

“Troy People Concerned remains very busy as the economic crisis throughout metro Detroit persists,” said Peggy Willockx, Troy People Concerned Office Director. “As a non-profit service organization, our mission is to help low income Troy families experiencing a temporary emergency. This help comes in many forms, including referrals to food pantries, clothing closets, Baby Basics, furniture banks and other service agencies. When funds are available, we provide qualified residents with limited financial assistance to help them avoid disconnection of utilities and evictions. TPC also offers various programs, such as Holiday Baskets, School Supplies, Senior End of Season Leaf Raking and Senior Rides, to name a few.”

Some Examples of Client Assistance for 2022

A single woman and her 85 year old father requested help with their gas bill. She recently had heart surgery and lost her job because she had to take time off work. She had another job lined up, but would not be released to work by her doctor for another month. Their only income until she started the new job was her father’s $630 disability check. They asked TPC to help with a payment of $261 to avoid disconnection of their gas.

A single mom with two children requested help with her electric bill to avoid shut-off of service. She is a substitute teacher and was off on summer furlough for two months. Due to an unexpected car repair bill, she fell behind with her electric bill. She was scheduled to start back to work in a month, but did not have enough in savings to pay the bill. The father had not paid child support in four months. The client asked TPC to help with a payment of $294.

A brother and sister (both seniors) requested help with a payment on their gas bill. Both are developmentally challenged and are receiving Social Security and food assistance through the state. They inherited the home from their mother and are usually able to keep up with their bills (the house is paid for), but they fell behind on the gas bill due to an unforeseen furnace repair bill. The client asked Troy People Concerned to help with a payment of $290.

A single mom with a child asked TPC for help with her electric bill payment. She had a stroke which has affected her mobility and eyesight and is now unable to work. The child’s father died and both mom and child currently receive Social Security benefits and food assistance. Although she is usually able to manage her finances on a day to day basis, she fell behind on her electric bill due to a larger than expected settlement month budget bill. This client asked TPC to help her with a payment of $230 toward her electric bill.